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Ceramic Airtight Containers (100mL/Medium)

These airtight jars are part of our ceramic collection. This collection features a unique arrangement of shapes; every shape is hand sculpted, molded, hand-painted, and kiln-fired as an individual work of art.  Therefore, no two pieces are painted exactly the same way.

All of our containers seal with silicon gaskets and mechanical clasps, so they are 100% herb friendly. Because of their decorative, opaque material, the ceramic jars are a natural candidate for concealed storage!

This is our medium size, 3.4 oz or 100 mL, which accommodates 7-14 g of herbs. Be sure to check out your favorite shapes in the other sizes – each volume has a unique color set!

US Utility Patent #US10486848B2 - Contained Art's bottom lid containers are patented works of art. 

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