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Kiln-Fired Decaled Airtight Containers (70mL/Small-Medium)

These airtight glass containers are part of our decaled collection. This collection features kiln-fired artwork that is now “one with the glass” – this means it is absolutely scratch proof!

For those interested in traditional jars, we have decaled mason jars that come in three standard sizes. These containers have resonating illustrations around their circumference and on their lid, creating an opaque environment.

For those interested in our shaped products, check out our decaled hippie buses! These grooving machines are infused with flower power, quite literally.

All of our containers are equipped with silicon gaskets and mechanical clasps, so they are 100% herb friendly.

These cylinders are skinny and short. 
These jars are 2.4 oz or 70 mL, which accommodates about 7 g of herb.

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