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Shaped Airtight Glass Containers (All)

This collection features our shaped glass containers. All our glass jars are molded, painted, and kiln-fired! Our goal is to create collectible, airtight containers – functional art. Each jar is equipped with a silicon gasket and mechanical clasp, creating a novel, herb-friendly container.

We produce our glass jars in a spectrum of translucent colors to collect alongside other glass art. We will be continuing to produce complex shapes with bottom lid functionality.

The glass shapes come in two sizes:
Medium: 100 mL or 3.4 oz; accommodates 7-14 g of herbs
Large: 250 mL or 8.4 oz; accommodates 28 g / 1 oz of herbs
US Utility Patent #US10486848B2 - Contained Art's bottom lid containers are patented works of art. 
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