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We Believe In:

Art - Discipline - Innovation - Kindness - Learning - Love 

Casey Lumia President, Co-Founder
BS, Mechanical Engineering

Enjoys powerlifting & challenging his artistic ability
Loves manufacturing, quality, and efficiency
From West Palm Beach, FL

Allie Denny Head of Design, Co-Founder
BS, Graphic Design & Marketing

From a Classic Rock home & loves collecting vinyls
Loves typography, graphic design, and fashion
From Buffalo, NY

As innovators, we believe creativity can be expressed as an everyday item, and built our collection based on the concept of "functional art". We want to design beautiful jars, and bring them to the hands of those who share our vision for useful, unique, decor. 


As people, we believe in compassion and spreading kindness and positivity to the external world. We believe it is important to realize we are all human beings with complex, individual origin stories. In this strange phenomena of existence, we should spread more LOVE!


As perpetual learners, we believe in self-improvement, and look for ways to learn from the world’s experience. Reflection, recalibration, and refocus are key to moving forward from mistakes, and are part of growth.


As passionate practitioners, we believe in following long term dreams with hard work and daily commitment. We are dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and improving our products with every iteration.


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