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Retailer (25 Jar) Assortment Pack
Retailer (25 Jar) Assortment Pack

Retailer (25 Jar) Assortment Pack

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If you want to save yourself the time of picking a custom assortment for your shop, we will do it for you! We have wonderful preset arrangements of best selling glass & porcelain shapes, which emphasizes color & shape variety.

50% margins on all products. Rounded down total. No discount code necessary. 
This assortment includes FREE SHIPPING!

This arrangement includes:
5 Small, 13 Medium, 7 Large Jars

9 Glass Jars
2 Kiln-Fired Decaled Buses
1 Kiln-Fired Decaled Cylinder
2 Ceramic Jars
11 Porcelain Jars

Items ship in a single box via UPS. Be sure to check out our Contained Art brand displays to conveniently show your assortment inside your storefront! FREE shipping included on all of our displays.